Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Ramadan Musings: Day 2

Here it is Day 2 of my observations/inner dialogue during parts of the day/mostly sunset hours of this month. It's shorter than yesterday, but I saw that coming. There might even been a day or two where I have no musings *gasp!* I know, right?

Tuesday August 2nd, 2011

a piece of fluff flew past me during prayer. Had to resist urge to grab it.
accidentally headbutted the woman in front of me's ass as we prayed. Hoping God saw that I tripped. Going to go ahead and give props to myself for not bursting out in laughter and disrupting everyone else's prayers too.

craving passion fruit, wondering where I can find it in the Motherland

Wednesday August 3rd, 2011

at Spinney's, hands full with Kinder, Frosties, alphabet soup, a seven pack of potato crisps, blackberries, mini hotdogs, condensed milk flavoured biscuits and cat treats. No sign of passion fruit, clearly making up for it. They shouldn't have left me alone
cannot find my cousin or sister, found individual servings of condensed milk instead. Fair trade, in my opinion.

have to constantly remind myself that there is no need to try and finish all the food I bought in the next 3 hours, and no possibility. The sadist/massochist in me responded to that thought with "challenge accepted."

have eaten two packets of crisps, half the packet of mini hotdogs and had one packet of soup made, no finished. With one hour of being able to eat to go, seriously considering seeing if i can consume all the food I bought. Cousin asleep, sister on the phone, no one to convince me otherwise
should probably specify that the food was also eaten by my ousin and sister, not a glutton *shifty eyes*

searching for Doctor, stomach hurting slightly as a way of saying "the point of this month is not to gorge yourself when the sun is down". Glad I resisted urge to eat everything in sight, could have felt worse
sneezed repeatedly as I sat down, despondent, to drink water seconds before time was up. Doctor proceeded to emerge from amongst several piled suitcases in the darkest recesses of the furthest unreachable corner of the room with a bored look of "you summoned?"

trying to write a list of things I need for a visa application, kept misspelling "receipt" as "recipet," gave up and decided to go through
realized that the way 'recipe' is spelt really bothers me, annoyed that every time i write 'spelt' there's a red sguiggly underneath
looked it up, apparently 'spelt' is primarily used in UK whereas 'spelled' is more common in Amrrca and Canadia. Stockholm syndrome is my only explanation