Tuesday, September 6, 2011

David Tennant's face of the day

Source: sugar-quills.tumblr.com
I start my first day of Grad school today, which is both nerve-wrecking and exciting at the moment. Nerve-wrecking because all my classes seem so intense and complex, and exciting because...well...I get to start learning about the industry that I have to work in for the rest of my life (Publishing, don't know if I mentioned it before). My first class is 'Introduction to Book Publishing' which I really can not wait for, though the times that I have class everyday (6:30pm-9:00pm) kind of suck. I mean, I understand that they expect some graduate students to be also working at the same time, hence after work hour timings, but you'd think they'd offer some other times as well, for those of us who do not possess vocations.