Friday, September 9, 2011

David Tennant's face of the day

Still haven't seen this movie, which is saddening, but it is Friday, which means friends and video games (Goldeneye in particular, yeah we go old school in the Den of Indulgence) and take out. Olso, I'm going to go climbing.

That's right folks, the person who has gone to NYU for 4 years (and is going for another 2), who's never stepped into the gyms they provide, is going to do something that counts as physical exertion: rock climbing. Indoor, naturally. This will be the second time I go, but the first time was fantastic and it made me realize that I get really really annoyed if I don't reach the top. To the point that I try to climb the same 'route' if you will, six different times until I either reach it or, as the gamers used to say (do they still say it?), rage quit.

We'll see how it goes today?

Oh yes, relavence of this picture to wot I was saying...uh...he looks badass and epic and I feel badass and epic when climbing? Yes, let's go with that.