Thursday, September 22, 2011

David Tennant's face of the day

Multimedia Financial Analysis.

That is a required class for first semester Master's in Science publishing students at NYU. There are only a few things at this moment that I like less than the textbook required for this course, famine and war being two of the things I like less. Yes, I'm equating this accounting textbook to death.

Turns out grad school is very much like undergrad, except a lot more focused on whichever program you pick, a bigger attempt at professionalism, longer classes and everything packed into two, highly stressful years where they also expect you to get internship and/or work experience to go along with your three hour classes.

So folks, make sure you're really really ready to commit to a field before going to grad school. The only thing keeping me going, even with the knowledge that I have to take Multimedia Financial Analysis II next semester, is the fact that I fully intend to open up my own publishing house one day, and I know this experience can only benefit my future endeavours.