Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Dumbledore and internships

Despite the many, many, chocolate frogs I have gotten, I have yet to get a Dumbledore card, which is the only one that I want really. He just makes everything better. I can picture myself staring at the holographic image and asking for advice.

Ever have those moments when you get this amazing, wonderful opportunity that others would kill for but if you take it, it would just be overwhelming? I feel like I'm letting down all the even-slightly-geeky and nerdy people of the world by not being like 'screw it' and taking this internship, my lovely soul sister being one of them, but I also know that my work quality will decline in either my school work or the internship work (or both, really) if I try to juggle three 13 hour days a week whilst doing things like writing up mock pitches for book proposals and designing marketing plans and writing analytical cases on the benefits of Kindle and eBook. It's only the second day of class and I'm already drained and feel like I'm being overloaded with information that is critical to me making it through the semester.

I mean, if I could, I'd intern five days a week and not do school...but I can't do that (because it's for-credit). I'm not making excuses (don't you raise your eyebrows at me, inner self!), I'm just disappointed that's all. I would have been an amazing intern (clearly, I'm saying so myself). I just need Dumbledore to say some wise, slightly vague, things to me. Even if all he said was "Alas, earwax!" I'm pretty sure I'd feel better all the same.