Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Geek Problems

Source: geekproblems.tumblr.com
I was pretty convinced I could speak in a British accent too, after a month of nonstop Who and Sherlock and reading Harry Potter out loud to my little brother (I try and do the voices, he seems to think they're accurate). I'd just hear the voices in my head and it's sound so right...and then I'd speak and realize how very wrong my initial confidence was.

There's so much reading to do on Marketing Management and Multimedia Financial Analysis (two of the classes I'm taking) that I have yet to do...but instead I'm making sure my blog gets updated at least twice a day. Priorities, right?

I'm only partially joking, I'm going to have my readings done. I can't fall back on work so soon, that would be a little ridiculous (like this clahs).