Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Kindle Fire and Touch


The new Kindle tablet, the Kindle Fire, was announced today in New York along with the new Kindle e-readers the Touch and Touch 3G and they look incredible. People are saying that the Fire, which has an Android operating system, is going to be a great new competitor for the iPad, which I can see happening considering the specs and the price, but as someone who already owns an iPad, I never had more of curious draw to the announcement of the fire. The thing that I was highly anticipating, though it's announcement was never more than an assumption, is the Kindle Touch.

It's a damn e-ink reader, same eye friendly, sun glare preventing, smooth, 6 inch, paper-like technology of the original Kindle, but instead of having that incredibly awkward keyboard that even minuscule ants had a hard time pressing, it's going to be touch screen.

November 21st can't come soon enough, but despite my desire to just click on pre-order now, I think I'm going to do the smart thing and wait a little bit for user reviews, or CNET reviews. I mean, the Kindle I have right now still works fantastically and I do hold a strong belief that there is no point in buying updated models of products you own if the originals work perfectly fine (especially if it's not that much of a drastic change), so unless it decides to spontaneously combust (like my phone did this summer, after four years of a marvellous, though occasionally frozen, friendship) I think I can hold off a little bit.