Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Silence will answer


Okay, done with the first two episodes of the second half of the season, and I am quite happy with them. I think wot made me the happiest was those holographic pictures of Rose and Martha and Donna, my heart skipped a beat when they appeared, and then broke a little when the Doctor said "there must be someone left in the universe I haven't screwed up yet." I think, for the most part, it's because it made me feel like Steven Moffat was finally not pretending that the Doctor's past incarnations, and those that he travelled with, don't still affect him. In the previous season and a half, it just seemed that Moffat was just trying to make him not care any more, and, yes, new Doctor, new personality new companions, etc. etc. but regardless of his incarnations, his memories and the feelings attached tot hem aren't any different. So his loss and love of Rose, his pain due to losing Martha and the constant threat of her remembering and dying because of it, it should still be there inside, driving him.

So thank you Moffat, thank you for allowing the guilt and pain and memories to resurface. As an incredibly nostalgic person, I really do appreciate it.

Also, I quite enjoyed explaining away River's lack of regeneration in Forest of the Dead, and am intrigued as to what this question is. Could it be the same question that we're trying to figure out about Life, the Universe, and Everything? Because if so, I know the answer.