Monday, October 3, 2011

David Tennant's face of the day

I think I can do this guys. I think I can get through this week of death and projects and assignments and still be alive and not a failure when Friday comes along. Wot's grad school but undergrad on steroids, right?

Got me some house points! 21, actually, which isn't that much. But considering my love for Hufflepuff, that might as well be 21,000. If anyone wants to duel me, my username is GhostStorm34 (thanks for making me feel like I'm five again and creating my first email/AIM screenname J.K. Rowling). I'm still a little frustrated with the site, due to the whole me being in the middle of brewing a potion and then facing that damn message screen and consequently failing at brewing the same, simple, potion eight times. But otherwise, hanging on there despite my frustrations.