Monday, November 28, 2011

David Tennant's face of the day


Yay half-drunken David Tennant!
Now onto ranting about sources of my anxiety: i.e. school!

I've become increasingly more anxious about all the work I have to do in the next three weeks for classes. One is just a final exam, on accounting, which I think I can deal with when the time comes, two are group projects/papers that I also think I can deal with, mostly because other people are there with me. But the thing that has me frightened to death is the Marketing presentation and paper that is due. Basically we have to pick a brand (established or completely fake, book-based, author-based, etc.) and create an extension/marketing plan around it, including rough budget, projection of first year revenue and approximate revenue after 2-5 years, differentiation from competition, and a review of specific examples of marketing programs used in my selected area.

Now, I have a brief idea of what I want the brand to be (Harry Potter, of course), but the rest of it has me drawing a blank. I'm sure if I take a deep breath and just start, I'll get it done but the prospect of starting is almost just as scary to me, just in case I fall short of the mark.


Also, I'm a little sad that my inner writer gave up completely on my NaNo this year. I just did not allocate enough time for writing, and did not take advantage of Thanksgiving weekend. Now, with a little less than 20,000 words left and two days to do it, I've realized that it's a lost cause.

Rest in peace, NaNo '11, may you one day see the light of day again.