Thursday, April 18, 2013

From Farm to Pasture: A Moomoir in Progress

Bea, the Bold Bovine. The diva/hero(ine)/protagonist of the story.
So for a class assignment (last class ever, unless I decided to get another Master's or a PhD.) we were split in groups and told to create a story over different social media platforms/try to garner fans (i.e. people who actively participate/interact, whether it's adding to the story or just talking with the author/creator). Thus spawned the (in progress) adventures of Bea, the Bold Bovine!

If you're on instagram, twitter, or tumblr you should totally follow (and interact with!) @BeaInBrief (that's linked directly to the twitter).

It's also compiled on Storify: Follow Bea's Story!

You don't want to miss it, most of my hashtags involve terrible cow-puns...well, 'moo' puns, and we all know that puns are the pinnacle of comedy. There will be action, drama, suspense, laughter, tears, hyperbole, and the unavoidable not-so-subtle references to various fandoms (I mean, come on, look at who's at the helm of this thing, aren't I nothing but an amalgamation of everything I love?).

I encourage love and feedback and just want everyone to have a good time so join in the fun, and maybe you can bring in some of your own inanimate friends to be Bea's moral support/cheerleaders and penpals on this clearly harrowing, life-changing journey!