Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Potential Blog Additions

Hello my lovelies. Another day, another useless post that involves mild updates on my current life status (read: more excuses as to why I haven't been posting) and some thoughts I had about the blog/things to add to it.

First of all, officially graduate/earn a M.S. in Science for Publishing next Monday! Which is both extremely exciting and unbelievably frightening. Somehow, though that's less than a week away, there's just so much left  to do (not including catching up on way too many shows than I should be watching at once to begin with).

I'm also thinking of adding a 'The Doctor Reads' kind of page for this blog where I can talk about books I'm reading, planning on reading, post book reviews/thoughts, etc. Thoughts? Comments? Suggestions? It's either that or create a whole new blog, which seems silly to me considering my inability to stay consistent.

Finally, my lovely friends and I are creating an awesome YA/Dragon Myth/Urban Fantasy/Social Media platformed story, so as soon as we have a brief synopsis, actual profiles, and other components ready, I'll let you guys know. Also, if we have a Storify page, you know that's going to be linked here too. Unlike Bea in Brief (who was my child, and whom I love very dearly), this is not a requirement of any sort and was thought of/agreed upon/discussed/brainstormed/what have you collectively with people who are as equal excited about it as I am, and actually enjoy the same type of genres/nerdy things. No offense to my Bea partners...

Anyway, back to trudging through this frightening week before having to face the real world.