Monday, August 5, 2013

The Clock Strikes Midnight

If you haven't heard who the new Doctor is yet...where on earth have you been?

This Buzzfeed article should sum it, and the internet, all up.

I'm a little upset at Steven Moffat's reaction at Helen Mirren's quote. I'm all for the Doctor remaining male, (despite being a woman myself) but there's a classier and much more diplomatic way to deal with it like "it just didn't feel like the right time," etc. that doesn't involve sounding like a sexist ass. Cause, last I checked, the Queen is not a fictional character that can regenerate her look instead of dying.

Anyway, I'm more than excited to see what Peter Capaldi has in store for us as the Doctor. I'm also interested to see whether they're gonna tackle the whole he was in an episode with Ten/in Torchwood paradox.