Sunday, February 27, 2011

Arsenal Pep Talk

Text of the Day:

My future husband: "Did you see the Arsenal game?"
Me: "No, how'd it go?"
My future husband: "Your sister and I are planning to get group therapy."

Come on Gunners, you've been doing well(ish)! You beat Barcelona! Us Madridistas have spent billions of dollars on an egotistical ex-soap star, and a perpetually injured, Brasilian version of Prince Eric and we couldn't even do that.

Also you've got this little gem:

Don't give up! Still rooting for you.

Extremely important essay writing update whose completion will obviously have a large impact on your life: Just got to finish writing about non-existence in light of maat (ancient Egyptian concept of order and justice), and I'm done with this sorry excuse of a paper. Go me!