Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You Never Forget Your First(ish) Doctor

Setting: Ancient Egyptian Religion
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Every once in a while I pay attention in this class and am amazed by how a topic that would otherwise be interesting (Ancient Egyptian religion, so Gods and myths etc. etc.) is nevertheless rendered throat-slittingly boring by this man. He sounds like Sean Connery so occasionally that’s a consolation. But it’s like you expected fireworks and got one of those banging loud thingies that you throw at the ground, and then a bar of chocolate as a ‘consolation prize’…you’d still be really disappointed. The whole ‘paper in five days’ thing doesn’t help either.

On a brighter note:

This was, believe it or not, the first picture I ever saw relating to Doctor Who. Years before I got into the show (which was this winter, but the way I talk about it you’d think I’ve been on this bandwagon since the start, wouldn’t you?)  I remember seeing this picture, agreeing vehemently, and then filing it away for further examination. I don’t know why I didn’t start watching it right away. Maybe it’s because I was wary of falling madly in love with another fictional character/being emotionally invested in these characters only to be heartbroken (Joss Whedon has made me a cynic when it comes to viewer/character relationships. He’s taught me that it’ll always end in tears, thanks for that Joss.) but I just stalled in the whole watching it thing.

Clearly I’m over that emotional block and now when I look at this picture, I can truly appreciate it for the brilliance that it exudes.