Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Oh, the Times and Places you will go!

I'm clearly procrastinating. But that's only because I realized about five minutes ago that my last day of classes as an Undergrad ever was May 9th. That's in less than 2 weeks. I graduate in 20 days. 20 days. 20 days.
          I apologise for the temporary bout of insanity/lag, it will most probably happen again. In order to prevent myself falling too deep into the vast existential abyss that accompanies the fear of drastic-yet-unavoidable change, I'm going to distract myself by not working on that last lab report of mine (just yet) and, instead, find pictures to post that I find amusing. Like I would usually do on a normal, not-freaking-out-about-my-future, day. If I've learned one thing from life, it's that the best thing to do when facing an obstacle or problem is pretend it's not there until you cannot avoid it any more.