Tuesday, October 18, 2011

David Tennant's face of the day

Source: noihavenot.tumblr.com
Seeing this picture brings me back to this summer, when I was less than a good toss away from this beautiful, brilliant, talented man. That's wot he wore during the would-be wedding scene between Claudio and Hero. The things I would give to be seeing that again right now.

Instead, I have just finished writing out a "Fact Sheet" for the book I picked to pitch/market in my Intro to Book Publishing class. I still have to write out a detailed, hypothetical marketing campaign, including whether the author will have a book tour, national advertising displays, and digital strategies (not to mention a 10 minutes marketing powerpoint presentation...all for Friday).

Though I think I have the fact sheet pretty much set, it's the marketing campaign that's frightening me. This 'self-help/autobiography/nonfiction' genre is not one I'm used to dealing with, and so I'm not exactly sure how one would market books of the like, or which cities would be the best to tour in order to increase hype and attract fans to this book.

But I guess this is why I'm studying to be a publisher, and am not a kickass one already. I'm going to ignore the whole 'in reality, it would be the marketing departments job to do the marketing campaign' thing, because that's just not going to get me anywhere.