Tuesday, October 18, 2011

The Wedding of River Song

I've finally seen "The Wedding of River Song," and let me tell you I think I enjoyed that finale better than last season's finale. True, it was quite predictable (if anyone couldn't guess wot the question was, I'm surprised), a bit repetitive (if I hear anyone say 'it must be done! time is disintegrating!" one more time I will stab them) and a slight cop out (still don't know his name, thought apparently silence will fall if that's said, we've been prepared for him to die and they introduce the thing that will prevent that half-way through the season, etc.), but the moments of humour were great, the Silence were sufficiently creepy, and his desperation to remain alive was quite on point.

I think though, the things I love the best was the mention of the Brigadier (a brief but acceptable tribute), and his joking about all he could still do with the TARDIS (visiting Rose in her youth, attending Captain Jack's stag parties). I feel like this revelation that, despite the capability to regernate, Time Lords are by no means Immortal was a great topic to highlight, and should maybe be expanded on. We've had so many near-death experiences with the Doctor, not including the previous regenerations, but they all seem to be dramatic, brief, and then promptly brushed off in order to get on with the adventure. 

Will the Doctor be more cautious now that he knows just how fragile his existence is? In my opinion, if that's pitted against his inherent inability to let go of his love and protection of humans, that would make for some wonderful character work/growth. 

In the meantime, I would just love to know who the next companion will be. Someone new? Or River Song? Part of me yearns for Donna, to find a loophole in the whole 'death if she's reminded' thing, and part of me wonders wot it would be like for him to encounter Human!Doctor and Rose, but the rational part of me knows that this will never come to pass, and is content with crying in a dark corner of my mind, mulling over what-ifs.