Wednesday, October 19, 2011

David Tennant's face of the day

This changing scene remains one of my favourite scenes in the relaunch of Doctor Who. I will admit, I rather like Eleven's outfit scene too, but there's something about this one (probably the whole love-of-Tennant thing I seem to have) that I just adore.

I do miss him.

Done with my Fact Sheet/Marketing Campaign! Well, ish. I know I have to look over them, to make sure that I've covered a large marketing aspect, and try to keep my fake budget in mind (which I did not consider when I put in 2 New York Times ads, whoops) but I'm done in the sense that I don't have to start from scratch, merely review wot I have already written.

Yay me, right?

I'm also done with The Name of the Star, and I did rather enjoy the unexpected ending. Since most of the book was basically a set up for her finding out her powers/using them, I feel like the sequel has so much potential to be magnificent. I just wonder what new mysteries the author will create, and whether she'll be able to find one that mirrors the major appeal of Jack the Ripper. Will it be another murder/mystery type of urban ghost story, or will it take the ghost elements and create a more fantasy background, parallel worlds and the such.

Who knows, but I am quite excited to see wot Johnson takes it. In the meantime, going to take it back several years and finally read Sunshine by Robin McKinley. I've been meaning to read it forever (being a lover of almost all things Vampire), but never got around to it...until I read a blurb by Neil Gaiman recently that called it 'pretty much perfect.' I don't think you need any other recommendation, because if Neil Gaiman says something is pretty much perfect, he's probably right.