Monday, June 18, 2012

The Doctor Flounders

I can't believe I got to see this live.

Anyway, back to trying to help my friends raise money for an awesome project! Pass this around, spread the word if you can! Doctor Who geeky home things to come once the site actually launches! I apologise for the plethora of exclamation marks, I am legitimately excited for this to pan out.

Support Geek N Garden!

Also, Go Espana! I'm sad that the Dutch didn't make it through, though it did seem like they gave up after the first fifteen minutes, but I'm holding on to hope that the Spanish wont let me down. Painted my nails red and wrote in gold on them. It's messy, because I suck at doing nails (so much for being a girl), but I feel I'm exuding the proper amount of support with the spontaneous act of...creativity? Hooliganism?
Despite their degeat, I will always <3 Sneijder and Van Der Vaart (though not as much as my future husband Saint Iker).
I'm going to go finish rewatching 30 Rock or Big Time Rush until the game starts in 35 minutes.