Thursday, August 2, 2012

David Tennant's Face of the Day

So, I feel like everyone should know by now but I for one was extremely excited to find out that Benedict Cumberbatch would be playing the villain in the new Star Trek. There's just something about actors from different fandoms crossing over to other fandoms I adore that make me giddy, if only to see if I can catch elements of wot they portray so well (in our dear Mr. Cumberbatch's case, that would be the logic/analytic/detached qualities of Sherlock) in these new characters.

And then, I learned today (after managing to convince my computer that there was in fact internet in the house that it could connect to, the router being a few feet away and all) that my first Doctor would be playing the villain in the new Thor movie!


I haven't seen Eccly in quite some time, and I've truly missed his face and big ears, so I can't wait to see him be all evil opposite my other favourite Chris (Hemsworth). You can read more about it at The Mary Sue.