Monday, February 11, 2013

Tenth Doctor: The Musical

I was directed to this wonderful, almost tear-inducing video by my favourite Viking Junior (the younger sister of my wonderful Viking roommate) and would recommend it to all Tennant fans, if you have 7 minutes or so of free time. Honestly, I would not be opposed to remaking all of Ten's seasons as a musical. I do miss me some Rose and Donna (and Micky).

In other news, you'd think that being in my last semester of Grad school, with only Capstone and half a class left I'd be half done with my work and relaxing. Yet somehow, with one class a week for the first half of the semester, I still find myself scrambling to get things done on time. Senioritis? Aren't I too old for that? Who knows, all I know is that if I don't have a business plan/power point presentation for a financially viable publishing company written out by the beginning of May, I'm screwed.

Bright side is I have a paid internship now! Woot woot! All it took (almost capitalized 'Took' like the fangirl I am) a lot of cover letter writing, rejections, a handful of unpaid (but still fantastic) internships, and friends in the right places. Part of me wishes our last semester at the program encouraged us to get more hands on/work experiences of five days a week, 9am-5pm as opposed to creating companies of our own (which I know first hand is the last thing any of us want to do right now). I wouldn't even mind writing a paper at the end talking about my experiences and thoughts about the future of publishing, etc. Hell, I would even prefer writing up a long, in depth research paper focusing on book trends in the current market (for a particular age range, or within a broader genre) and forecasting possible future trends.

But I don't make the rules, I just complain about them while trying to keep your attention with promises of more nerdy related things. I like to believe it's a symbiotic relationship.

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