Sunday, February 27, 2011

Anything to Not Start: David Tennant's face of the day

At this rate I've had a hundred of David Tennant's babies. I have this picture opened in another tab and I click it every once in a while just to see that face.

          So I realized, as I got on the laptop this morning to start actually writing my essay, that the reason I've been putting it off for so long (I could have probably gotten through at least half of it yesterday if I just sat down and did it) because I'm dreading have to face my own terrible writing when it's over. It's not that I mind actually doing the work, I mean I did the reading/research to write it so why not put the ideas together in one flowing piece?, it's more like I want to prolong the pain of realizing my own mediocrity after to much effort for as long as possible. 
          With things like my creative writing or this blog, I don't mind so much if my writing isn't glorious or poetic or vivid or even particularly interesting, because I do this for fun. I get to decide the length and topic and content. I get to pick the tone I want to write in, whether to use proper grammar and punctuation or experiment with form, I can punctuate serious anecdotes with unrelated sidebars and get distracted by/comment on live occurrences.

Basically, the final grading rubric is all up to me.