Saturday, February 26, 2011


To Do List:
  • Finish reading for paper
  • Write brief outline for said paper
  • Write detailed(ish) outline (with quotes) for aforementioned paper
  • email another professor for a recommendation
  • Start essay
  • Go to dinner for Kellylove's birthday
On the bright side I finally downloaded the Doctor Who theme song as a ringtone!

This is how I feel about it:

          So, I've thought this since I first heard the song but I only just remembered cause it hasn't played on iTunes for a long time before today, there's a phrase in "Apologize" by One Republic that really bothers me. When he says "I loved you with a fire red, now it's turning blue," I'm assuming he means that his love is not as passionate/alive as it once was. The only problem is, the blue part of the flame is the wouldn't it be the other way around? Maybe I'm just the idiot who looks too much into song lyrics but every time I hear it I go "No sir, unless you love that girl-who-sounds-like-a-bitch more now, you are mistaken."

          This picture of David Tennant just makes me really happy. It looks like he's wearing Captain Jack's coat (hence the Shakira reference...I mean not that that song isn't fantastic/almost fitting for The Doctor, but it's the Hotsauce-esque coat that made me think of it) and he looks really good in it. So why not, right?
&nbp;&nbp;&nbp;&nbp;&nbp;&nbp;&nbp;&nbp;&nbp;&nbp;Sporcle is a really addictive and fun website. I end up spending so much more time there than I should, and that's horrible wonderful. So I thought I should draw more people in, if possible, into this realm of possible procrastination with screen shots of my quiz results. Fun times, right?
I don't know whether I should be proud that I only missed 1-2 (in the red) or be ashamed of that fact.
I'll go with proud.