Friday, February 25, 2011

Cake or Death?

You know wot's absolutely, borderline orgasmic-ly delicious? German chocolate cake and a glass of cold milk. Which is wot I happen to be having right now. Even the combination of textures, is mind-blowing: the smoothness of the cake itself, the crunch of the walnuts in the frosting, the chewiness of the coconut flakes. Can't get enough of it. 

Cake makes me thing of Eddie Izzard (like ya do), therefore I give you a link to Dress to Kill, cause it's awesome (and I can). It doesn't get to the 'cake or death' part till 4:47, but the whole thing is wonderful, so it's all good.

And since I fell back into How I Met Your Mother love/on a youtube spree anyway (yes, I count one youtube post as a 'spree'), I'm going to post one of my favourite scenes from HIMYM ever: Jesus & The Three Day Rule.

And, of course...because I heart Doctor Who, and Matt Smith gets sexier by the minute: