Saturday, February 26, 2011

On Love and Ankles

Fantastic relationship advice from last week's episode of Supersnatch (Viking started that nickname for Supernatural, I don't even remember how it came about, or whether there's a slight allusion to Super Smash Bros. but it's stuck so we use it).

Lisa: I'm not asking for anything
Dean: Then ask for something!

          After all, how can a relationship work if you don't express your needs and concerns and desires? I might be the only complete idiot who does this, but I was convinced that doing wot I thought he wanted from me was the way to go about doing things, while trying not to want or ask for anything in the fear of being selfish. Not saying he was perfect either, at least I wasn't manipulative while systematically prancing around on my high horse of subtle hypocrisy.

Oof, was that harsh or bitter? My bad.

          On a completely unrelated note, there's this new Old Navy commercial for like ankle jeans (why do those even exist?) complete with made up song/dance and rap. Usually I enjoy being stunned at ridiculous (like this clahs) commercials, but  that was before they said the line "those sexy ankles a foot below your knees."
          First of all, that sentence in itself is not sexy. I don't want anyone hollering at my ankles. Second of the hell are ankles considered to be sexy? That's completely preposterous! That's like saying "Dayumn boo, your elbow is looking mighty fine tonight!"
I am so angry at those 30 seconds that I will never get back, that I've decided to waste some more time from my life to compose a letter to Old Navy expressing my disapproval. Here is how it will go:

Dear Old Navy,
What the hell dude. There's nothing sexy about ankles and you know it. You just wanted to include a rap in your 30 second commercial and were at a loss as to what you would say. You didn't need the rap guys, it did not improve on your message in any shape or form. Please stop.

In case how I feel isn't clear to you, here's a Patrick Stewart/Star Trek picture to better explain it: