Sunday, March 6, 2011


So, blogger Stats tells me I have 200ish views and, naturally, my first reaction is:

I'm desperate for interaction, and when that happens I turn into Lionel Richie. [Sidebar: Anyone else find that song really creepy? Or was it just me?Just wanted to say thank you to whoever took their time to click on mysterious links that led them to my humble abode, even if you couldn't stay that long, and I hope that you come back someday soon to share in the mindless joy of scrolling through stock pictures with out-of-context comments borrowed from other places and the occasional rant about the useless and mundane.
As a thank you, I give you:
David Tennant looking hella fine

 Daniel Radcliffe doing the same

 John Simm expressing how I feel about you

 Some advice for exams

and, last but not least, my favourite scene/line from the Harry Potter movies.

Hope you enjoyed all that, time for me to try and finish a lab report in about two hours.