Thursday, June 30, 2011

Back in Black

Hello my lovelies!
          Sorry for being all M.I.A. the past few days, with my birthday and travelling (just got in to Madrid an hour ago, and it's 8 am) and such it was difficult to keep updating. I also don't think it helps that this desktop, apparently, as a parental control thing on it that isn't allowing me to actually view my pages. It's wot my little brother gets for using Internt Explorer...I mean, who even does that these days? Also, who password protects everything to the extent that I can't download Chrome? No offense to Bing or anything, but Google will always win.
          Finally, a proper web browser. As I was saying, I'll start posting more regularly come later tonight so do not despair. In the mean time, consdiering that I got a total of one hour of sleep on the plane, I shall leave you with this and hope it partially redeems my absence.

I figure since it was my birthday 2 days ago, I'd try and find something Whovian/birthday related...and here it is! I don't necessairly agree with the selections (msotly because I wish I fell under the "Tennantface" horoscope), but it's all I got in this borderline-delerious state of mind, so it's wot you're getting for now.

P.S. Siximpossiblethings, I shall respond to your comments as soon as I figure out how to unblock the damn comments section for myself! Technology tends to hate me.