Thursday, September 29, 2011

David Tennant's face of the day

I finally saw The God Complex, so if you haven't seen it you might want to stop reading now.

I honestly don't know wot to say. I mean. I expected that Rory and Amy weren't going to be there for another season, but I thought they had at least till the end of the season, you know? The episode was fantastic, it was a nice combination of scary and revealing, I loved the side characters and their descent into insanity, even the giant Minotaur alien which was less tacky than I expected. I especially liked the shout out to Muslims (I know it actually wasn't a shout out, but I'm going to take it as such).

Then the end came, and was caught off guard. Even as he was saying goodbye, I didn't really think it was a 'goodbye,' I simply thought it was him acknowledging that they could not travel forever, and Amy realizing that she was afraid of wot would happen if she just stopped running. Because, that's wot her and the Doctor were doing, they were running away from whatever troubled and scared them. Rory was there, along for the ride, because of his deep and irrevocable love for Amy and nothing more. Yeah he began to trust and consider the Doctor a friend, but he wouldn't have chosen to travel if Amy hadn't wanted to. Despite knowing this, despite knowing it for a while that new companions would appear. Despite knowing it when he called her "Amy Williams," I wasn't emotionally prepared for them to leave because it wasn't episode 13.

So now I'm slightly reeling from the loss that I didn't fully process. There were no tears, just shock. I don't think I really will be sad until I see the next episode and really feel their absence. Not looking forward to that feeling.