Monday, February 27, 2012

David Tennant's face of the day


Anyone else think this is highly depressing? I'm sure that a bunch of fans shared that moment too though, once they realized wot it was, and then went back and replayed it over and over. I might do that one day have a repeat of the 'Final Tenth Doctor sonic moment.' Or, even better!, just watch clips of him sonici-ng things back to back.

In other news, I need to, clearly, work on my whole 'time management' thing. Because I love this blog, and I can't believe I haven't been on it in over two weeks.

Bright side? J.K. Rowling is publishing a new book. The news is a few days old, so ancient by internet standards, but still, exciting! I know it will be nothing like Harry Potter (though part of me still wishes it was fantasy-esque...who knows, right?) because Rowling probably doesn't want to pigeon hole herself, but I'll be damned if I let that get in the way of reading/enjoying it.

At the most fundamental level, she is a great storyteller, and that's wot counts.

Also...NEW COMMUNITY MARCH 15th! Now I know that it's just them finishing the season, and if there's no season 4 I'll probably cry (because I've missed that show like a beast), but at least it's going to be back.