Friday, August 24, 2012

Mad Man with a Box


I love this gif, even though I wish the little pictures of Tennant and Eccly where bigger. Beggars can’t be choosers eh?

You know wot’s not fun? Food poisoning while on vacation. That’s super not fun. But it made me realize that Green Tea is the savior of all things, so I’m going to be drinking that like nobody’s business from now on. Yay antioxidants?

A belated Happy Eid to everyone (and Happy Ramadan before that). My wonderful little brothers got me a 3DS as an Eid gift (for those who don't know, Eid is like Muslim Christmas, except we get two a year...that's clearly the worst/most simplified/completely lacking in substance explanation you'll ever find on Eid so please don't go writing that in academic essays or anything) to replace my old one that decided it no longer wanted to be with me. It's pink, which is up there with my least favourite colours (although with the way I've been dressing recently, the hot pink dye in my hair, and the purple/pink Big Time Rush shirt I'm wearing, you'd be inclined to think otherwise), but it was also purchased with a copy of Kingdom Hearts: Dream Drop Distance which is absolutely awesome. so all was forgiven. 

Ever since the first Kingdom Hearts I've been waiting for a game where I got to play as Riku, whom I instantly fell in love with, but Square Enix/Disney deprived me of that in the second one, and the plethora of handheld ones thereafter. I'm still waiting for a full length console Kingdom Hearts to come out (*cough*Kingdom Hearts 3*cough*), but till then I think I'll settle for the 3DS game, which is quite fun in its own right. Other must buys if you get a 3DS is Resident Evil: Revelations (thankfully, they only make me wait a few years between the epic console games...Resident Evil 6 in October!) and Mario Kart 7.

I'm going to go back to dying now. Let's hope food can be consumed soonly, at the very least before heading back to New York in two days. Would hate to start off my last year of Grad school/in the city I call home by being dead.